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October 2014 || Dan, Raine, & Leah || One Month Post Dan’s Diagnosis

The idea for this site began when I reached a new chapter of my life in the summer of 2014. I was excited to write again on a regular basis and share my thoughts and adventures as a busy wife, mother, small business owner, etc. I wanted to write about trying to “do it all,” as well as speak to the beautiful moments I experienced while attempting it. I loved my life! I felt really healthy and invigorated after years of struggle with Fibromyalgia, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and Bipolar II Disorder. It seemed like a good time to start writing anew. I set my previous blog that had gathered dust aside and fired this one up.

However, before I wrote my first post, a devastating event occurred. My hunky husband, Dan, was taken to the ER after two days of acute shortness of breath. Two days later, on September 18, 2014, he was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer (ALK+ non-small cell adenocarcinoma). We learned the following day that the cancer had already spread (metastasized) to lymph nodes, bone, and brain.

I immediately needed to write. I understood that there was a new journey that I would be documenting. Having readers follow along and share their thoughts has been invaluable. Writing is my best coping mechanism and to feel a sense of community around my writing is a tremendous gift. I am so grateful for each person who reaches out and contacts me about my writing, our story, and their hope for us. This site is also a place for me to share about my life, about all of the lovely things beyond cancer that I experience as well as other struggles. You can expect to see a little bit of everything here that includes everyday experiences, what inspires me, how we stay sane and madly in love with one another despite our medical needs, and the joy/bewilderment of parenthood!

To follow from the time of diagnosis, start here!




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