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Podcast: “Fighting Cancer” from TED Radio Hour


A Lovely Leah Ruth approved glimpse at current cancer research perspectives.

At certain moments in time, I do like reading books, listening to podcasts, or watching documentaries related to the science of cancer. It is helpful for me in mitigating the anger and depression while knowing loved ones who died, are actively dying, or living precariously with the disease, like Dan.

For someone who completely hated the subject of science in school for 20 years, I really am fascinated by it now and really geek out often with certain subjects. Expect me to share what I find–good or bad–more in this space.

I listened to this podcast today while driving to and from work. I like to hear the individual voices who are in the science labs and doing the tedious research and problem solving. You will probably never be surprised that they are nearly always motivated by personal experiences with cancer.

This one gives a good glimpse at a few of them. And they also impact Dan and his type of cancer directly, so it is comforting to hear about the work being done. Even if it isn’t enough, or quickly enough…It is just good to know.


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