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    And Along Came a 40th Birthday

    It felt like an outrageous accomplishment. It felt like the summit of Mt. Everest. And it also felt normal. We made it to his 40th birthday and life with cancer has become so normal to us, I was distracted by daily non-cancer minutia and completely forgot to plan something. While I was distracted, Dan planned his trip to Oregon. He always hoped to celebrate his 40th by traveling to the beautiful southern coast of Oregon to visit Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, consistently rated among the top golf courses in the nation. He set up plane flights, a rental car, air b&b’s for Lake Oswego and Bandon, reserved a golf cart–got a…

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    Two Months in Photos: Celebrations and Growth 2/13-4/13

    Oregon’s spring came generously early this year. I couldn’t help but feel it was meant for us. The last two months have been full of struggle and change, so warm air, full sun, and colorful blooms as early as February were like stars in a deep, dark night sky guiding me along, promising some kind of hope. We are navigating our way and trying to embrace what is new and different. We celebrated Dan’s first scan post platinum chemotherapy treatments (the scan that showed the tumors have all died or stopped growth) as big as we could: we took naps in a luxurious hotel bed in downtown Portland. Haha! That…

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    Happy Friday (Great News!)

    The results are back and I bet you can guess by our celebratory selfie in the oncologist’s office that they are good! The MRI of his brain showed NO infection, NO clots, NO new tumors, and all lesions are confirmed necrotic–Dead. “Tumor necrosis” is the fancy medical term for that, and I feel like I want to carry a balloon around today with that written on it! What makes me even happier about this news is that there is also NO inflammation due to the necrosis. High five! The CT scan showed NO growth and NO new tumors. Double high five! Oh man. So relieved. Repeat MRI won’t be for…

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    1 Month in Photos 12/9/14 – 1/9/15

    Jim and Char arrived again on December 9th to stay with us for ten days. I had quite a bit to do on my holiday to-do list, so it was great to have extra hands to help and keep Raine entertained. He is really loving his special time with Grandma and Grandpa when they visit! He especially likes to play iPad with Grandpa and show him his toys. He is a little less interested in Grandma until mommy and daddy leave, and then he gives hugs and holds her hand. Dan was feeling pretty well the 2nd week of December, so we made it out to some holiday parties together and he was…

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    Saturday, November 15 2014

    This week I had my first dream in which I was living and Dan wasn’t. I don’t think my entire life, I have had a dream like that. It was confusing–as most dreams are–with jumbled characters and circumstances. I do remember that I was in a building that housed many rooms like a school, as well as a room for movies. There was music playing in certain rooms. There were groups of people and friends. I think I was in Colorado because Hattie and Sarah and Ryan were there. I went to talk to them at one point about how I could no longer watch / listen to the things…

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    Two Weeks In Photos 10/28 – 11/11

      We said goodbye to Dan’s mom, Char, on his first chemo day -Thursday, October 30th. She had stayed with us for for 23 days. For some people, this could sound like a mother-in-law nightmare, but I am so fortunate to say that it was a mother-in-law miracle. I love Char so much and cherished all of her time here. She is an unbelievably strong, sweet, independent, devoted mother. More about her time here in another post!     Raine was an eagle for Halloween and pretty darn adorable. We used a gift card from family to order the costume from Pottery Barn Kids. They are high quality and ridiculously…

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    One Week In Photos 10/14 – 10/21

    Oncology waiting room selfie. I’m looking pretty tired! We love the cards and packages we are getting! Keep it coming! It is so awesome. We have had several people send notes from classrooms and they are so entertaining and sweet! It was a busy week of each of us trying to get back to a little work, help from friends visiting from Illinois, Dan attending a Timbers game and out with friends to watch the Bears, and appointments and decisions regarding his treatment. He is still feeling good with no side effects from his radiation treatments other than irritated hair follicles and some acne. We believe he has accumulated more…

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    One Week In Photos 10/7 – 10/14

    We had eight nights and 7 days with Dan’s entire family: Jim & Char, Doug & Rita, and little JD. There was golfing, a trip to the coast, eating meals together, cleaning, hugging, doctor’s appointments, and a whole lot of playing. We cherished every moment. Here are a few photoraphs taken by our dear friend, Christie. Thank you, Christie, for following us around Carlton and capturing these beautiful photos!