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    Sunday , Sunday – Edition 2

      Things that made me smile the last two weeks … What made you smile? Having drinks with my neighbor and friend, Taylor, Friday. We used some of my mom’s glasses from the hutch collections to sip our blueberry sour lambic. She helped me untangle ribbon for the gift boxes. We talked about anything and everything while the kids played. You know, adulthood? Raine describing the new business to his buddy: My mom got a business. She makes boxes (gesturing to them). She puts little surprises inside and when people open them, they’re like, “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOAAAAAAHHHHHH!” Should I make that my tag line? The sun. I know everyone here thinks it…

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    We Are Moving (Again)

          In 14 days, we are moving to my dad’s house in Washington. We will also get another round of scan results. Honestly, I can’t figure out what I want to write about. I feel numb with exhaustion. The move wasn’t an easy decision. There were so many different layers to our choice. I still can’t exactly put into words the myriad of emotions I have had about it, back and forth, over the last six months. I still find myself shocked over and over again at how life is so unpredictable, for better or worse. We’d appreciate your thoughts and good vibes for the next two weeks.    

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    A First Medical Update in Illinois

      I haven’t written a medical update in a long time. I know I shared the details in My Mega Post, but I haven’t kept everyone informed after that. To be honest, after his seizure in February and the “your husband’s heart might collapse” scare in the beginning of April, I was running on empty and not feeling very eager to communicate because I didn’t feel very inspired about life in general, let alone our family’s situation. I mean, I had my moments, but they just weren’t woven together in my mind for me to later sit down and write about. However, y’all deserve an update!  So much has changed. First of all, he…

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    Now that we are settled in Illinois, we would love this chance to meet and greet everyone here who has supported us. We are also ready to celebrate–there was good news in the mail today! Sunday August 7th * Noon – 2 PM * 139 N Maple Ave, Morton IL

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    Where Life Takes You

              *** There have been places on a map where I have lived. Washington, Illinois. Goshen, Indiana. Chicago, Illinois. Moments of growth or disappointment moved me. I visited a place or two in Europe. Small trips took me across my country. I have photos. I have memories of where I slept, the streets I walked, who I was holding onto. What was joyful, what was learned, what was scary, what was mine. There were also maybe-places, hope of living here or there. Lists of locations and contingencies. I wrote Oregon down in my heart when it was so very broken. I should have never written it down. It…