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    Dearest Don Raine – This Was 2017

    I regret that I didn’t write and share photos more in 2017 in this special space. The loss of Grandma Mary at the end of 2016 extinguished a spark in my heart. I worried that the spark could never return. I now know that her death changed me, Leah, as I know myself, evermore. It feels like I had to get used to this new version of me all year long. If you should lose a physical part of yourself–this is what I imagine it would feel like. How does one begin to live anew without want for what was lost? A leg, hands, sight, or hearing? I find my…

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    How Is Raine Doing?

    You know, they say children are resilient. I believe it. Raine has been doing so well. We are in a situation where we have great sadness, anxiety, and anger. Our hearts are breaking with it, but also many hearts of people around us and who know us are breaking. It would be impossible for a child to not pick up on that, so I am not naive enough to assume he is 100% unchanged. Just like I said for myself, if you see Raine, he is pretty normal. He isn’t anxious or frightened or sad. He doesn’t really know what is going on. So he might be acting out a…

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    One Week In Photos 10/7 – 10/14

    We had eight nights and 7 days with Dan’s entire family: Jim & Char, Doug & Rita, and little JD. There was golfing, a trip to the coast, eating meals together, cleaning, hugging, doctor’s appointments, and a whole lot of playing. We cherished every moment. Here are a few photoraphs taken by our dear friend, Christie. Thank you, Christie, for following us around Carlton and capturing these beautiful photos!