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    Guess What? I’m Still Here. And It’s February!

      I ended the year 2015 with a bit of a bitter back glance (and a secret note to the future that I had better not get any more s**t.) This might come as a surprise because I talk so much about joy, gratitude, and hope in my writing on this blog. The truth is, after a year like 2015, full of a desperately sick husband on chemotherapy, a mother increasingly lost to me in the impenetrable fog of her own mind, closing two businesses that I started in good faith, crushing financial problems landing us in the office of a bankruptcy lawyer, and essentially pushing myself to the limits of…

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    Besties – Weeks 1 & 2

    The friends I have had for 27 years are the ones that got me through the first 2 weeks of Dan’s diagnosis. I have been a little numb and tired the last week, so I thought it would be fun to share some old photos that make me smile… When Dan and I started dating, one of the things that we discovered that we had in common was that we were both very loyal and had maintained many friendships since childhood. That quality was one of the many that made me fall in love with him. Dan’s oldest friend is Cathy McNulty, from preschool, and mine is also from that very…

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    One Week In Photos 10/14 – 10/21

    Oncology waiting room selfie. I’m looking pretty tired! We love the cards and packages we are getting! Keep it coming! It is so awesome. We have had several people send notes from classrooms and they are so entertaining and sweet! It was a busy week of each of us trying to get back to a little work, help from friends visiting from Illinois, Dan attending a Timbers game and out with friends to watch the Bears, and appointments and decisions regarding his treatment. He is still feeling good with no side effects from his radiation treatments other than irritated hair follicles and some acne. We believe he has accumulated more…

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    One Week In Photos 10/7 – 10/14

    We had eight nights and 7 days with Dan’s entire family: Jim & Char, Doug & Rita, and little JD. There was golfing, a trip to the coast, eating meals together, cleaning, hugging, doctor’s appointments, and a whole lot of playing. We cherished every moment. Here are a few photoraphs taken by our dear friend, Christie. Thank you, Christie, for following us around Carlton and capturing these beautiful photos!

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    One Week In Photos 9/30 – 10/7

    Dan’s parents have been here hanging out with us for two weeks. It’s super cool. You can’t keep him away! Out of the hospital and it was the 2nd place he wanted to go. :) FaceTime is so rad. We are lucky. We were talking to Doug, Rita, and JD in this photo. Now they are here visiting! Lots of kissing. And I did a little retail therapy. Dan got a new shirt. :) Raine got new tools for his back yard “work.” (Basically moving little pumpkins around all over the place.) Care packages have been AMAZING. Our friends are phenomenal. Dan’s growing hat collection, courtesy of friends and family.…

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    10 Years and 10 Days

    We celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on Thursday, September 4, 2014. We had some craft beers at The Bitter Monk in McMinnville, followed by tapas at La Rambla. The air was warm with late summer heat but light and breezy so we enjoyed sitting outside. He looked very handsome. I loved touching him and looking at him and really felt as enamored with him as I had ten years before when we dated. I was proud to be his wife. (I also made sure to look as good as possible for him. I remember when I finished dressing and walked into the kitchen where he was talking with the babysitter,…