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One Month in Photos: Learning to Cook + Fun with Raine


 Cool, rainy days here in our wintry Oregon / Raine just keeps growing like a weed that I can’t keep up with…



Lots of doctor appointments and tests and treatments for Dan / A lot of rest / Some play with Raine / Trying to work and feel normal / Life has slowed down…We all hold each other often.


canasfeast_raineMany “Mommy days” where I am Raine’s sidekick from 8:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. / When the sun is out, we get out and enjoy it.



I wrapped up my final business events / Gave myself some fun design projects / Tried to get out with girlfriends and enjoy myself here and there / Learning to cook…I’ve set a few things on fire but I can officially make Raine pancakes and Dan spaghetti now. PROGRESS.


raine_playingRaine makes friends so easy / Plays hard (and then sleeps hard) / Exploring new places and routines with mommy / Loving superheroes and shopping at Target with gift cards / Growing very attached to stuffed animals and talks about their names and what they like / Every night he asks daddy or mommy to tell stories about our day and what we all did.


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