We Made It To Gillman


I am too exhausted to share about our moving week! The good news is IT IS OVER. We have officially made it to Gillman. We have beds to sleep in, the pets know where to find their food, our couches are situated, and the tv/electronics are in working order. Hallelujah.

The weight and burden of another move (with another downsize) just one year after we relocated from Oregon to Illinois has now finally been lifted from us. Even Rocco and Hobbes seem to sense that the ‘Great Anxiety’ has passed. With their relief, they are napping hard and basking in the sunlight of their beautiful new back yard….Or if it is Rocco, running away. Six times.

Further relief graced Dan and me after our appointment last Wednesday morning. Dr. Kumar shared that Dan’s latest CT scans revealed yet again that the cancer remains stable.


He is still sleeping off the chemo treatment and fighting another infection but doing well. We welcome meal deliveries this week while he rests and we keep unpacking!

On our way to the doctor, we stopped at a property so Dan could sketch out a landscape design. He enjoys doing freelance work. / A celebratory kiss as he started his infusion.



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Author: Leah Ruth

Living a lovely life with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. Interests include writing, reading, art, design, fashion, food, and drink. Also, cuddling. A very lucky wife and mama. <3

3 thoughts on “We Made It To Gillman”

  1. Sending so much love your way, Leah! I wish I had Dan around to help me with a re-design of my tiny condo yard space, too. Please give him a hug from me – I pray for all of you!

    1. And, Dan is still helping friends in Oregon with landscaping. He has you take a few pictures and send them, with any measurements you have. He loves it!

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