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One Week In Photos 9/30 – 10/7

Dan’s parents have been here hanging out with us for two weeks. It’s super cool.

You can’t keep him away! Out of the hospital and it was the 2nd place he wanted to go. :)
FaceTime is so rad. We are lucky. We were talking to Doug, Rita, and JD in this photo. Now they are here visiting!

Lots of kissing. And I did a little retail therapy. Dan got a new shirt. :)
Raine got new tools for his back yard “work.” (Basically moving little pumpkins around all over the place.)

Care packages have been AMAZING. Our friends are phenomenal.
Dan’s growing hat collection, courtesy of friends and family.
Raine is getting LOTS of packages too. It is so sweet. Thank you. We have had fun playing with him.
Dan, Raine, and Sarah finally put together Raine’s big boy bed that we got him for his birthday. (Handyman Raine was sure to wear his safety goggles and tool belt.)
A favorite song came on while eating dinner at Nick’s. “These Arms of Mine” by Otis Redding. Had to dance! <3

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  • Anna

    Leah, I’m so amazed by your honesty and insightful self awareness. You are brave!
    We continue to pay for Dan, Raine, and you.
    Stay strong.
    Sincerely love, Anna

    • Leah Ruth

      Thank you so much Anna! I hope someday you guys can come out here to visit! Thank you for the compliment. I often worry my self-awareness is a little too extreme, but I try to tone it down when it feels that way. LOL. I don’t feel very brave, but a lot of people tend to tell me that I am. I just have to share and write it out or I can’t function. It is my way, and perhaps a gift, for better or for worse!

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