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One Week In Photos 10/7 – 10/14

201510 - Herzings 72
ELBOWS – Leah, Dan, Raine, Char, Jim, Doug, JD, & Rita

We had eight nights and 7 days with Dan’s entire family: Jim & Char, Doug & Rita, and little JD.

There was golfing, a trip to the coast, eating meals together, cleaning, hugging, doctor’s appointments, and a whole lot of playing.

We cherished every moment.

Here are a few photoraphs taken by our dear friend, Christie. Thank you, Christie, for following us around Carlton and capturing these beautiful photos!

201510 - Herzings 6

201510 - Herzings 21

201510 - Herzings 39

201510 - Herzings 42

201510 - Herzings 40

201510 - Herzings 60

201510 - Herzings 62

201510 - Herzings 66

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  • Melissa

    Oh my goodness! All of them are PRICELESS!! The last one, the group shot, Christie is brilliant because HOW IN THE WORLD did she get everyone looking forward, bigger than life grins on their faces, totally beautiful??!??! Amazing memories made, and a beautifully blessed family. Love you guys!!

  • Ed Kulzer

    SOMEbody is one heck of a phenomenal photographer. The whole clan looks amazing. Big ups & love out to Doug, Char & Jim & the whole fam.

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