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Simple Pleasures – October 2018

Let’s Play Some Random Catch-Up …

Pretty unexpected but Raine loved it — Cheering on a golf game at the country club reception following Great Grandma Karpiak’s funeral. Read her obituary here.

Highlights of that family gathering included Raine getting a chance to play with his cousins — Pictured here: JD on guitar and Bennett on drums.

Raine asks us to play nerf basketball with him everyday all day. This particular afternoon, he wanted to increase the difficulty of a three point shot. That meant piling items upon himself?


I celebrated my 38th birthday with lots of messages and love from all of the wonderful people in my life. Another special birthday this month was Megan’s (her 40th ha ha Meg!) and the traditional 40th dinner with her and Nick, Kate, and John was a hilarious evening.

I felt capable of being more festive this fall and enjoyed decorating the house for Halloween. It has been almost 2 years since my mother died but I still grieve in such a way every day that I can’t always find joy in things. So it felt good to indulge in plans, decor, and treats.

Hobbes remains my steady companion. He recovered fully from a tumor on his tummy earlier this year. He is with me most of the day and likes to boss me around. Our sweet little Rocco is more attached to Dan. Hobez likes: sitting on the couch with me, laying in bed with me, tummy rubs, cheek massages, and eating a mega-ton of his food. He dislikes: everything else.

This SWEET little girl celebrated her 3rd birthday in September but I didn’t manage getting her birthday gift box to her until October. I was able to spend a tiny bit of time with her in Boulder in August but in even in that short amount of time, she nicknamed me ‘my person.’ I don’t know if she does that with other people but I believe that I am the only one who is ‘her person.’ Swoon!

Drinking alcohol continues to be a joy in my life. IPAs, martinis, wine, bloody marys, champagne, etc. No matter the time, no matter the occasion. You will find me more talkative and animated. No, I don’t have a problem.


These two.


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