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Two Weeks In Photos 10/28 – 11/11

A card for Char


We said goodbye to Dan’s mom, Char, on his first chemo day -Thursday, October 30th. She had stayed with us for for 23 days. For some people, this could sound like a mother-in-law nightmare, but I am so fortunate to say that it was a mother-in-law miracle. I love Char so much and cherished all of her time here. She is an unbelievably strong, sweet, independent, devoted mother. More about her time here in another post!


Dan and his little eagle


Raine was an eagle for Halloween and pretty darn adorable. We used a gift card from family to order the costume from Pottery Barn Kids. They are high quality and ridiculously cute costumes. I almost want to save this one and pass it down to Raine’s child someday. Despite Dan’s first chemotherapy session the day before, he felt good and we had a fun evening of trick-or-treating on Main Street in Carlton, dinner with the Ritchie family at Barrel 47, and more trick-or-treating on our street for Raine with his daddy.



Options on Halloween night


I couldn’t help but take a photo of our ironic Halloween night. On the one hand, the usual treats–candy, delicious baked goods from Melissa, and a bottle of wine. On the other hand, our pills, a neti pot, and  a thermometer. It is important for us to take Dan’s temperature twice a day to make sure he doesn’t have an infection while his immune system is compromised by the chemo.


Edging the lawn of his new back yard


Days 4-6 of Dan’s chemo round were when he felt most fatigued. Day 4 was dedicated to sleeping heavily the entire day. After that, he improved through the week. He made it out to the yard for mowing and edging and pulling weeds. He walked Rocco to stretch his legs. We watched a movie together while he rested on the couch and I worked on my laptop. He helped me with bathing Raine. By day 8, he was back to work. We hope he will be able to continue to work while doing chemo rounds. He loves it.


The LuLaRoe Trunk Show + Fundraiser at Republic of Jam


We had a very special event last Saturday here in Carlton. I had my Fall Trunk Show + Fundraiser at our beloved jam shop, Republic of Jam, and several other businesses on Main Street participated by offering specials for our customers and contributing. The amount of people that came out to support us was overwhelmingly wonderful. I felt the love from afar, too, from everyone who ordered clothing via text message and jam online. :)


At the event–We are one lucky family!



Besties in a vineyard!


Hattie came back to help again and was here for my event & a little wine-tasting on the side. The vineyards are absolutely gorgeous this time of year. So much to be grateful for. I love this photo. I love Hattie.


New Blue Q socks. There are good days and there are bad days.


But yes, it’s true. There are good days and bad days. There are great moments –laughter, fun, accomplishments, joy, comfort…And not so great moments–bitterness, anger, anxiety, numbness. I appreciate every message, text, card, and comment I get from all of you. It is all helping me get through this transitional time with as much grace and strength as I can muster.

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