I am Leah and I have Bipolar Disorder. To make life even more interesting, my husband, Dan, has Stage IV Cancer. He was diagnosed at 37 and has  been in ongoing treatment for 4.5 years! We also have a healthy and rambunctious 7 year old. So follow along as we try to manage our life together and strive for love, gratitude, and joy.

Lovely Gifts: My Piano

pianoWords can not express my gratitude and excitement to get a piano! I took lessons for ten years in my childhood and played for many years while I lived with my parents. It had been two years since I touched a piano and 13 years since I had a piano in my home. It has been a complete joy to sit down and remember how to play again, and how incredible it felt to play in my soul. I am working on "Clair de Lune" for Dan and "Jingle Bells" for Raine.

Thank you to my wonderful husband for understanding how valuable and therapeutic it would be for me to have this. Also, thank you to him for bringing me a treat from his industry meeting at HUB. (Playing the piano while enjoying an ice cold brew was almost orgasmic. Pardon my French.)

Thank you to my friend Candi Eaton for her patience as we arranged to purchase the piano before their move to Florida. Best wishes to you and your sweet family!

And finally, thank you to Steve and Anna Bailey, dear family friends, who provided a donation that a portion went to cover the expenses for purchase, moving, and tuning.

Maybe when final tuning is done and I have the courage....I'll share a video. ;)


Eight Months

Two Months in Photos: Celebrations and Growth 2/13-4/13