I am Leah and I have Bipolar Disorder. To make life even more interesting, my husband, Dan, has Stage IV Cancer. He was diagnosed at 37 and has  been in ongoing treatment for 4.5 years! We also have a healthy and rambunctious 7 year old. So follow along as we try to manage our life together and strive for love, gratitude, and joy.

One Month in Photos: Learning to Cook + Fun with Raine


 Cool, rainy days here in our wintry Oregon / Raine just keeps growing like a weed that I can't keep up with...



Lots of doctor appointments and tests and treatments for Dan / A lot of rest / Some play with Raine / Trying to work and feel normal / Life has slowed down...We all hold each other often.


canasfeast_raineMany "Mommy days" where I am Raine's sidekick from 8:00 a.m. to 10 p.m. / When the sun is out, we get out and enjoy it.



I wrapped up my final business events / Gave myself some fun design projects / Tried to get out with girlfriends and enjoy myself here and there / Learning to cook...I've set a few things on fire but I can officially make Raine pancakes and Dan spaghetti now. PROGRESS.


raine_playingRaine makes friends so easy / Plays hard (and then sleeps hard) / Exploring new places and routines with mommy / Loving superheroes and shopping at Target with gift cards / Growing very attached to stuffed animals and talks about their names and what they like / Every night he asks daddy or mommy to tell stories about our day and what we all did.


Medical Update: The Left Lung + Platinum Chemotherapy

Our 3rd CT Scan