Monday, September 29, 2014

One Week in Photos 9/16-9/23

The chest fluid that caused his shortness of breath. This sent him to the ER and started it all...

Morning balloons outside the window of his room at the hospital in Newberg. He also had a view of one of his most played golf courses.

Flowers for daddy, once he moved to St. Vincent's Hospital. Bummer news called for the best bouquet in Oregon -- Pollination Flowers! Dan especially loved the thistle.

After two very long days, we brought Raine to visit daddy. He was timid about daddy and his oxygen tube until sorbet was involved.

Friends left their mark on the wall in his hospital room. We had over ten super awesome visitors that week who we will forever be grateful for, for every single gesture that helped. Food, babysitting, moral support, etc. And there may or may have not been pizza and beer involved.

Dan leaves his mark, too. Snail Says: Fuck Cancer.
Raine let daddy keep Mr. Fox during his stay. Nurse Melissa loved Mr. Fox so much, she bought herself kitty and had their photo taken together.

Dan enjoying a Soursop juice box. He also watched a lot of ESPN and Food Network, walked the halls, and did light yoga/stretching.

The view from the west end window was incredible to say the last...

DONA JONES ZARR: Leah and Dan you two are incredible. Yes Fuck you Cancer. I think your passion for this fight will make a difference. Thank you for letting us in on your journey to kick this bastard's ass.
MELISSA: Thank you for sharing this. You two are amazing and cancer can go fuck itself. Rock on, guys.
EDITH VLK: Praying for a complete healing Dan Love the pictures Leah keep the positive attitude.

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