Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lovely Places || My Favorite Sidewalk in McMinnville

One of the things that we loved most about Oregon when we moved here was how wild and free the landscaping could get. At first it was peculiar to not see perfectly mowed bright green turf, but ten years later, overgrown variety is the norm. This particular sidewalk surrounds a building where we go often for meetings, get-togethers, and dates; there are businesses providing excellent coffee and tea, food, wine and beer, and brewing equipment/materials.
I love this spot for its midsummer display: lavender, russian sage, hollyhock, lamb’s ear, yarrow, daisies, crocosmia, and more. It is a lush, colorful, and fragrant spot that reminds me to slow down, physically and mentally. Sometimes I even stop and just linger. I grew up hearing the musing “the corn is knee-high by July,” and I think of that with a smile while I stand near this botanical bliss that nearly towers over me. The bees are always busy and I listen to them. I take photos and send them to Dan and ask them what is what.
I wish I could be lost in it; I dream of a field like this where I can run and hide away.


  1. CHARLENE HERZING: Know the spot you’re talking about.It’s been a couple of years since I visited in July. Each season is special.