Monday, September 23, 2019

Our Double Anniversary Party - Part 2

My surprise gift to Dan was the fact that the party was ACTUALLY a celebration of his 5 years in treatment for cancer. I couldn't let the anniversary go by without encouraging him! And what better way than a surprise party of family and friends! I had a secret invitation on Facebook and everyone who could came from near and far to show their support. The fun part was telling him what the real party was --- We had Raine give him a large 5 balloon while I made the announcement. 

I want Dan to always feel loved and supported. It may seem strange to throw a party about cancer, but when one has lived with it and surpassed a prognosis like his, or really made any small gains or victories, I don't think there is anything better than ackowledging it with a group of people and having fun celebrating! Cancer should always be whispered about and hidden away...It is a part of our lives. Allowing this helps us cope better than if we tried to ignore all of it.

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