Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Donate In Memory of Andy Trahan

I want to personally invite you to join me in supporting ALK Positive through LUNGevity Foundation.

As I have shared through this blog, ALK is the gene responsible for Dan's cancer, and like all lung cancer research and medicine, is tremendously underfunded. ALK knows no limits and typically affects young people who are non-smokers or who have formerly quit. It is important to end the stigma that lung cancer is "just a smoker's disease." All lung cancer patients deserve life!

We have never met in person but Andy Trahan and his wife, Leslie, and their family have inspired me greatly since I found them online after Dan's diagnosis. 

Andy died June 19th, and I grieve with his family. I feel incapable of finding the right words to comfort them, so rather a donation feels right.

This is an excellent opportunity to raise much-needed funds for research and awareness for this important cause. Please join me by making a charitable donation

Thank you!

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