Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Halloween 2020

This was the year that Dan anticipated Raine would be old enough to wander through our neighborhood streets with his friends. We would sit on the porch and drink while handing out candy.

COVID changed that. First, Raine was tested for COVID a few days before Halloween and we were waiting on results so we definitely didn't want him trick-or-treating. Second, we followed CDC guidelines and (after cleaning and sanitizing) placed candy individually into baggies and left them on a table at the end of our driveway for kiddos to take. While I didn't expect a busy holiday, I was surprised to see so many kids out and about after all.

Raine was really frustrated and grumpy so Dan insisted that he should take Raine to a few houses. I gave in.

It would become a night that Dan will always remember. I held down the fort at home and they headed off into the dark night, searching for tables like ours and walking 6 feet apart from others. For Dan, it was like the last Halloween where Raine would want to walk around with his dad. They had a great time, collecting a little bit of candy, and stopping by the house of Raine's friend Nick, waving through the windows.    

We spent more time on the porch and enjoyed seeing a full moon rise. Counting lucky stars, too.

Well, it fit last year....

The basket he has used for 7 years now. Thanks, Pottery Barn.



And, for fun, all of my favorite Fall decor...


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