Wednesday, July 21, 2021

And Along Came Stormy


The meet and greet...

Say hello to Stormy! (Named by Raine)
He is the little pup that joined our family this spring.
He was 8 weeks old and in foster care with Grafelman Farms Rescue,
rescued from somewhere in Missouri with his two littermates. 

Adoption Day!

He loves the neighborhood kids, toys, pup cups, the dog park, and 
is getting introduced to traveling and camping.
He is growing fast and is en route to maybe 50 lbs?
Of course I had to get a DNA kit
He is 50% Australian cattle dog, and the rest is a mix of pit bull, beagle, lab, and chow chow!

Were we truly ready for a new pet? And a puppy? Probably not. 
But now I can't imagine him not a part of our family.

The moral of a lesson is:
If you don't want to get a dog, especially a puppy, don't look at photos of available dogs online.

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