Thursday, September 7, 2023

19th Wedding Anniversary & Scan Results


For starters, we celebrated our 19 year wedding anniversary!

(Photo above - we spent a night away in Michigan City, Indiana, a weekend before our anniversary where we saw one of my favorite comedians and enjoyed pickle-backs and a giant, buttery, salted pretzel at the oldest bar in town.)

This time we didn't get each other the same greeting card, but we definitely picked good ones. His read, "The fact that I wait to watch our shows together shows the highest testament of my love for you." And mine was "Let's grow old and hold hands forever until I need to use my phone." Ha! They are both so true. 

As for watching shows together, we have most recently seen SiloPlatonic, and Hijacked on Apple TV and finished the last season of Peaky Blinders on Netflix. So good. Silo is based on the book Wool, so I will be checking that out soon! Books, by the way... We are reading ... (Dan) back-to-back Andy Weir--Project Hail Mary and Artemis. I am loving Butter Honey Pig Bread, while also dabbling in poetry and nonfiction (War Is Not My Mother and The Problem with Everything: My Journey Through the new Culture Wars) and sideglancing a huge pile of to-reads about crystals, chakras, home decor, and health/wellness. Ha! 

Anyway, other mundane information is our hobbies of fishing, golfing, and walking for Dan, and retail therapy for me. (Truly. I am working on getting a better hobby...Word on the street is that I might start walking or yoga? I do have a new tattoo of a bee standing on a flower in Warrior I pose.) Stormy keeps us laughing and Raine is a joy, Grandpa Don is doing well, so our little house is cozy and nice. Plans to travel again are in the works...

Our actual anniversary weekend we spent time together as a family camping, also with Jim, Char, Doug, Rita, and the kids. Boating, sitting by the campfire, and celebrating one final stay in Jim and Char's camper. They have been camping together for 50 years and will now pass on the keys to another family. Next time we go to Apple Canyon, we will be celebrating at Doug and Rita's new lake house. 

On our actual anniversary--the 4th--we slept in and then Dan made pancakes and mimosas. We exchanged gifts. We enjoyed tacos and margaritas for lunch at Blue Margarita with Raine. We were happy. And still very much in love with each other.

As for scan results, Dan's CT came back stable. Again! And all bloodwork was good.

We did celebratory pickle-backs. (This is the thing we do, you know? For celebrating--Except when we have them because I get a writing publication rejection. That is just to soften the blow.) 

Feel free to celebrate with us in your own way.... Cheers to some good things!!!!

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