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blurry herzings

There is nothing better than leaving the hospital and going back home. It has been 6 days for Dan and he is happy to be back to Stormy and us, showers, comfy clothes, and the freedom to walk outside in the fresh air!

Unfortunately, things are still difficult. He has to follow a strict low-residue diet, he is still in tremendous pain, and he has yet to pass gas--but at least is managing some watery bowel movements.

I find the low-residue diet extremely challenging but Dan seems to be adapting fine. It is very counter-intuitive to what I believe is healthy eating. He can't have salad or greens, citrus or seeded fruit, whole wheat or grains, nuts or seeds, whole or raw vegetables, and any spices or seasoning. It is focused on no fiber and nothing that requires the gut to work hard at digesting or that creates flatulence. I really wish I hadn't gotten rid of our juicer because I could be giving him some greens and other veggies/fruits as juice, or how awesome would it be to be rich and just go to the local juice and broth bars for him!

He is allowed mashed potatos, any type of bread, pasta, or cracker that is made of refined flour, sweets made with refined flour, most fats and oils, tender meat, eggs, and low-fat dairy. So he is getting by with yogurt, apple juice, broth, fish and chicken, protein shakes, and refined flour stuff. At the same time, he has a long list of medications and needs to take magnesium citrate, miralax, and senna to counteract the food and painkillers that can make him constipated.

That's an entire page of medications.

Speaking of painkillers, he has been on oxy, a fentanyl patch, tylenol, and cbd/thc tablets. Even with all of that, he is in too much pain to lay down, sit comfortably, and sleep for any healing length of time. He feels better when walking or standing although that doesn't last very long either. He constantly keeps heat on the area but he is beginning to wonder if it really makes a difference? We really need help managing his pain! That is the most challenging. What do you do for an ulcer in your colon!?!

As for passing gas and bowel movements, it is supposedly just going to take time. We have no idea how long. We are just hoping that things will not get backed up again!!! We are hoping sincerely there will be no return to the hospital. 

So that's the update. 

Thank you to everyone who keeps us in your thoughts, checks in with us, helps in awesome ways. I don't know how we would do it without our village!

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