Wednesday, April 24, 2024



Last weekend's gang - Doug, Art (CA), Jay (WA), Kevin (MI), Hattie (CO)

Dan made one short outing with his entourage to Sullivans

Family game night with Rita, JD, Nate, and Doug

Corey visited from North Carolina

More games with Nana and Papa

The last 4 weeks have busy. Dan has had a home health nurse, OT, and PT weekly, and had his initial chemo infusion April 10th. It is a combo of Carboplatin and Alimta, at low doses. Biopsy results came back from Mayo with the result "poorly differentiated." Samples were sent out for further molecular testing and we are hoping to hear results in a week. Dan's pain increased significantly so he started morphine ER three times a day and that has proved our best treatment for his pain since this all began. The cancer in his lung has also diminished his breath, so he started using oxygen two weeks ago. We started working with the OSF Palliative Care Clinic and they are a great team focused on making sure his pain is under control and he is as comfortable as possible. There are doctors, a case worker, and a chaplain. 

We are taking everything day by day.

The last 4 weeks have also been full of visitors with some great memory-making and incredible support. We love you all!! Thank you friends and family. We are looking forward to more family and friends visiting this week...!

I am back at work as much as I can while also trying to stay home with Dan and also support Raine and my dad as best I can. Please continue to help us locally with meals or online monetary donations! I also have Venmo - @Leah-Herzing

Thank you for your support!


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