Thursday, October 9, 2014

One Week in Photos 9/30-10/7

Daddy with Raine helping put together Raine's big boy bed

Dan with his parents, Jim, and Char, hanging out in a waiting room. We've seen a lot of these lately.

Raine keeping busy with his back yard "work" (moving pumpkins around).

The 2nd place Dan wanted to visit after getting out of the hospital.

Opening packages and mail with gifts and cards

An impromptu dance to "These Arms of Mine" dwhile out for dinner.


  1. ANNA: Leah, I’m so amazed by your honesty and insightful self awareness. You are brave!We continue to pay for Dan, Raine, and you.
    Stay strong.
    Sincerely love, Anna

  2. Thank you so much Anna! I hope someday you guys can come out here to visit! Thank you for the compliment. I often worry my self-awareness is a little too extreme, but I try to tone it down when it feels that way. LOL. I don’t feel very brave, but a lot of people tend to tell me that I am. I just have to share and write it out or I can’t function. It is my way, and perhaps a gift, for better or for worse!