Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Lovely Gifts || A Yearbook + Donation

A formal blog Thank You is in order for this lovely gift we received last month. Classmates that attended the 20th year reunion signed a yearbook with messages to Dan and donated money toward our trip to Disneyland. The donation made a significant difference and the heartfelt messages were encouraging. A classmate also donated a prize she won, an Amazon gift card, which we will use to get Raine a special present from Santa next month! Dan was so honored that his classmates were thinking of him. We both got choked up when we heard the news. Acts of generosity and kindness like this mean more to us than anyone could ever know.
Dan wrote his classmates after our trip on the Facebook group page:
I just wanted to thank everyone that donated to our travel fund and signed the yearbook. We had an amazing time, and I kept thinking about how many of you helped out. The kindness and generosity was nothing short of amazing! So glad to have been a part of many of your lives. Quality bunch we have here!

Thank you, Lemont High School Class of 1995. Thank you.

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