Thursday, April 7, 2016

Our First Date

MEDICAL UPDATE: (After yesterday's post) Dan's heart showed improvement yesterday so the catheter was removed and he was moved out of CICU last night. Today cytology results came back and there were no cancer cells in the fluid. He was discharged today!


Top 10 Reasons Our First Date Was Weird But Awesome (Kind of like our journey being in love the past 12 years)
  1. Our first date was at a wedding. Thank you, Allie and Joel Birchler.
  2. The wedding was out-of-state in northern Indiana.
  3. It was a weekend-long date, because I had plans to go camping with our mutual friends, Hattie and Corey, while we were all there for the wedding weekend.
  4. I formally called Dan (I lived in Peoria at the time and couldn't talk to him in person) to ask him on the date and when he answered the call, he was on a date with another girl (albeit it involved a group of friends, too, so it wasn't neccessarily in bad taste).
  5. We agreed on all of the music that we listened to for the two hour drive from Chicago to Goshen. No fighting. We also talked non-stop. (Or maybe I talked non-stop and he sort of participated.)
  6. It was located near my college stomping grounds, so I got to show him around! However this also (for some reason I can not remember) involved stopping by my ex-fiance's house and introducing them. Poor Dan.
  7. We were on an official date, but I treated it as "just friends" because I was still healing from a break-up three months prior...And that was a different boyfriend than the ex-fiance. Poor Dan!!!!
  8. We had already kissed prior to this first official date. (Gah!) You can attribute that to a little bit of alcohol and the outrageously, epic, wonderful Chicago bar crawl our friends Corey and Patrick put together that spring. At one of the final locations, Dan drew a name out of a bag that required him to kiss me. (So not so poor Dan).
  9. We shared a tent that weekend but no funny business happened! We were a great combination of nervous, shy, modest, and exhausted each night.
  10. There was a kindred moment when we were playing a game by the campfire and Dan and I realized that, completely out of context of the game or conversation, we both thought of Santa Claus at the same time.


  1. HOLLY: Happy to hear the good news and thank for sharing that first weekend. Story as sweet as you two!

  2. MELISSA: Love that. All of it!