Monday, January 22, 2018

Sunday, Sunday || Ed. 1

We survived another week! Time for another.
Things that made me smile … What made you smile?

  • The kindness and generosity of somone who is going to help us get Hobbes treatment to remove the tumor on his tummy.
  • Creating a new playroom for Raine so that he can pretend he is an American Ninja Warrior.
  • Vegan cookies from a local restaurant, Cyd's. My options are thin for a dairy allergy, so when in Peoria ... I buy 4 cookies and live large! I would share a photo but I ate them too fast.

  • Catching up with friends. Celebrity name drop! TAYLOR BLACK. JON BYLER DAN. ALLYSON PATTERSON.

  • The support of my psychiatrist and hot therapist to find a way to coupon it UP and score me my $600 generic Abilify for $24. (Hint: This involves using the interwebs and Costco.) If it weren’t for them, and Dan’s support, I would have not tried the med. But this new tiny 5 mg is making a huge difference. We think...

  • Sympathy cards in the mail for the loss of my Aunt Joan. You might not think people still appreciate a card in the mail — but we do.
  • I finished a puzzle. First one from my wish list of Eboo puzzles. Time to save up for #2.
  • I love me some Pinterest but every once in a while? A magazine, posterboard, and tape is so gratifying. Call me old fashioned.

  • Making a collage. Old school with tape and magazine photos.
  • My husband. Just him. I smile always in my heart while it bursts with love.

  • I have 8 orders for my gift box hobby before even sharing the link to the order form or information about them. It looks like it is time to launch the biz..! Like, in the next 24 hours. Valentine’s Day will be here fast. I'll name the biz ... Cardinal + Finch.

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  1. CHRISTIE: Yay for good things! I love this post and hope to see more of them. Also, those boxes are gorgeous. Seriously.