Friday, November 3, 2017

Medical Update || Some Zapping

We are pros at waiting in doctor offices...
I suppose I could have waited one day for the update, but for once I wasn’t on top of my game and didn’t even realize there was an appointment this morning at the gamma knife center. I thought Dan was only getting an MRI, but he was actually discussing the results of last Tuesday’s MRI.
The decision is to perform targeted radiation. The focus is three areas, two of which could have been remnants of his original mets that were initially treated when Dan had whole brain radiation. The third is the spot we recently decided to watch more closely. This doctor wants to target it now and not wait and watch.
Radiation. Dan calls it zapping. I believe it is a good choice to zap right now…But again, change is hard so I’m doing my best to be brave.

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  1. ED K: Love out to the family. Thank you for your testimony. Though far, know friends are ever near.