Wednesday, May 27, 2020


What a difference these curtains make. Before these light ivory curtains, we had black ones that made the room dim and cozy...but just too dark. Now it is a fresh start! Every morning I wake up to light. When I sit up, I have Cezanne and Picasso to look at, clear as a bell. Peaches and oranges strike a note, green invigorates. Say what you will about these artists, I love these paintings.

Do you have a special way that you sleep? Does your partner? Dan has to leave 1 foot out of the covers. Always. We both have "huggy pillows." Lying on our sides, we hug a pillow before we fall asleep. Once asleep, we let go and lay on our backs, snoring with abandon. I still sleep with "blankies." I have had one or two or three that I sleep with all at one time ever since I was a baby.

Do you fall asleep to music?

I either fall asleep while reading or watching a documentary. Every once in a while, I fall asleep to silence and a dark room.

How do you wake up? Since the quarantine, I have no alarm. I wake late, after Dan and Raine have already had breakfast. After Dan has gone on his walk.

It took me at least one year to think of my bedroom as "mine." It was my mother's before it was mine. I have three pieces of furniture that were hers. Two tables that we use as nightstands and one dresser. When I dust, I dust these beautiful wooden pieces that I dusted as a child. I remember finding it exciting to open the little drawers and polish the vases, finger her necklaces and rings, search for something I wasn't supposed to see.

Considering blue walls...

Custom wall art by my sweet friend Melissa Fields

For me, the past two months have been about home projects. I've been busy rearranging things, purging closets and piles, and carefully selecting wall art. I don't like empty space. Every place has a purpose in my home. It may be the fact that it is something I have the power to control. I'm going to share some photos over the next couple of days...

Beyond that, we move through our days with vague purpose. Raine finished his e-learning and now spends his time playing outside or talking with his friends on Fortnite. Dan continues his routines, and I've been able to work. We mix cocktails as soon as it seems apppropriate, take generous naps, and leave books lying around that we are reading... Or have yet to read. 

Furlough begins June 1st, however, so I will have to put all of my energy into getting ready for school starting June 15th. My first batch of pages are due for workshop June 22nd. Exciting! Also scary.

How are you spending your time? Where do you live? Are things opening up in your region? I've grown used to visiting the post office or grocery store with a mask on. I've learned to place my glasses far down the slope of my nose to avoid fogging. That's my tip. What's yours?

The days are slipping by. We watched a dove deliver two eggs onto our front porch rocking chair. One birthed, burrowed in its mother's breast, and then left. 

Hoping you are all doing well, friends. Extraordinary times we are living in. 

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