Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Cancerversary and Anniversary Date Night


2020 - Celebration

There we were. Out to dinner to celebrate our 16th anniversary and Dan's 6 year cancerversary. We even went on the actual diagnosis date, Sept. 18th. With COVID, it was our first outing and we picked a place, Desthil Beer Hall, with generous outdoor seating and a good plan in place for keeping people apart and handling their food on their own. We sat in a corner outside, enjoying beers and sandwiches, talking into the dark after a beautiful sunset. We held hands and talked about life. 

We got the best news the next week -- A clean and stable MRI and CT scan! This guy just keeps rocking it. And thank God for scientists who keep making chemo pills. 

It is so hard to believe so much time has passed. I'm sure I say that every year but I'm saying it again...In terms of our marriage and also the cancer. I am so proud of us and so in love with Dan more than ever. Take today to give someone you care about an extra hug. Celebrate health. Celebrate love. Listen to this song.

2014 - Chemo and radiation had begun.

2004 - Newlyweds.

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