Monday, March 1, 2021

Remember Christmas?


Christmas Eve with my sister and dad, tom and the kids, was extra special because we hadn't seen them for a long time with COVID going on. I maybe went overboard a little bit with presents... 

Gifts for Logan and Lexi
Grandpa Don and his Christmas vest! And those kids...They are growing up so fast.

Christmas morning was a quiet little celebration in our living room, watching Raine open his usual gifts --books, clothes, shoes, etc. And a huge gift from Santa... 
Dan scored a new kitchen gear-grater, colander, oven mitts- and the traditional stocking cap, beer, and whiskey. 

Pengey waiting for Raine

Raine opening his only present from Santa. More penguins are watching.

Santa got Raine an iPhone! A lifeline during COVID...

The day after Christmas, we had the opportunity to join Hattie, Steve, Anna, and Joel at the farm in Astoria, IL. Last year, we enjoyed some farm time with the Rees family. This year it was the Bailey/Blue family! We shared a BB gun, sat by a fire, cheered beer and hot chocolate, walked the property and cemetary, played fetch with Lily, and tried burning a tree with fireworks inside. It was an exquisite day.

30 years goofin around together...

*I hope your holidays were bright*

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