Wednesday, July 21, 2021

grandpa don update


These photos were taken in May, after Big D had an injury that caused a bleed inside his head, that the doctors didn't think he could survive. However my sister is a great advocate and they gave brain surgery a try--and it was successful!

After three weeks in the hospital recovering, he has now come home to live with us again, moved to the main floor while Raine has a bedroom in the basement now. Together with Dan, we keep a 24 hour watch on him as he remains a fall risk. However he has been approved to walk without his walker in the house and use the stairs to go down to his office if he is supervised. I have been taking him to therapies (speech, occupational, physical) for 8 weeks and his improvement has been tremendous! He was discharged from OT last week and now will focus only on speech/memory and walking/stairs/strengthening. 

During his post-op appointment with the neurosurgeon today, the doctor expressed how shocked he was that he had survived, and having survived, that he ever woke up, or did wake up and now can talk and function as well as he can. The doc doesn't consider it likely it would be safe for Big D to work or drive again, but we are having everything accessed through rehab before making those final decisions. In the meantime, he is happily back to enjoying coffee, Cubs games, puzzles, time with Marge, getting out and about for dinner, and Facebook. If you are friends with him on Facebook, drop him a line and send some encouragement! He still has a lot of work to do...

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