Saturday, July 16, 2022

Fast Forward to Summer Residency + Graduation!

Graduation - Saturday July 2, 2022


My graduating cohort! || Reading from my thesis

A typical day at the residency || I taught a class this particular day !

I was proud to serve on the thesis committee of Molly B. Collins.
I read her thesis several times and did my best to provide crucial feedback.
She is going places, that woman! So excited for her to be published in the future!

(She is my bestie!)

Between classes we found time to hang out with each other, staff, faculty, and guest artists!

Our residency hosted 4 cohorts and was hybrid (in person + online)


Generative workshops with guest artist K-Ming Chang !!!

Faculty talks by Alison C. Rollins, 
Jay Ponteri, Alejandro de la Costa, 
Tanya McQueen, and Vi Khi Nao !!!

Readings by faculty, as well as Joanna Kaufman, Sara Jaffe, 
Brandon Shimoda, Jess Arndt, and K-Ming Chang !!!

Spending time with all the cohorts --including dinners, drinks, and a night of karaoke!

My graduating cohort--Attending their thesis committee meetings and readings!

Zine and comics workshops!

The LRCW Alumni Fellow, Joanna Kaufman, and her time and wisdom
and phenomenol art exhibit!

Graduation of course. I love you guys.
ocean ocean, Russell Hill, Molly B. Collins, Rachel Keller,
and our cohort's thesis award winner, Manya Orescan Campos!

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