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Remember Raine's Fox? This time he shared penguins.

Dan's Thoughts - Posted to Facebook 3/23/24

2 Weeks……or 10 Years?
I took a similar picture almost a decade ago. Different stuffed animals, from a different state, but in the same spot on the bed as these. I spent two weeks with my penguins after a 10 year pause…..
We knew it would come back some day. My body was young, strong, and healthy when I was first diagnosed. Healthy enough to chase around a toddler around the rough streets of Carlton, OR. The outpouring of help from our family, friends, coworkers, and city jumping out to help this young g family hit with the worse news imaginable (Stage 4).
We hit it hard. Radiation and Cisplatin (the nasty of nasty chemo). Slowed it down. Moved to a weaker therapy, and then eventually were lucky enough to run across an ALK mutation that gave me an opening to a targeted therapy that had brought me almost 8 years currently.
When we attacked the cancer hard in Oregon, we knew it would be rough on the body long term. 10 years of MRI’s, CT’s, Gamma Knife Radiation, Chemotherapy options, Shoulder and Hip Replacements, Hearing Loss, Vertigo, Neuropathy, etc. Always hinting and celebrating little things like a clean scan (Scanxiety). I was able to enjoy an almost normal life of hiking, fishing, golfing, rocking out at concerts, playing ball with Raine, enjoying food, beer, cocktails of all sorts!
Size of a walnut.
Under my rib.
I thought I seperated a rib after a coughing fit at Christmas. I’ll get it checked out.
Muscle Relaxers for 2 weeks. No real help other than making me constipated! I tried taking care of it over the counter, to no avail.
Into the hospital (3 ER and 2 Hospitalization). Suck 3 weeks of bowel stuff out of the body. Colonoscopy (needed one anyways - check!!). Finding……you have 2 ulcers that are causing the pain from inflammation.
Go home!!! No!!! 2 days later back with…..
Pressure from my wife, GP, and Oncologists……..MRI his back! This is not GI/Colon.
PET Scan……
Active Cancer……
Time slows…..
That is what we are doing now.
Pain management.
Genetic testing.
Like starting again like 10 years ago. Except Raine is now pretty much looking his mom in the eyes!!!
Brightside is once again our family, friends, coworkers, near and far, are lending their time, talents, thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, delicious food, and smiling faces to help is in this time of uncertainty and difficulties. The amount of people to thank is mind blowing!
My wife has been nothing short of amazing. She has been my advocate. She has been stronger than I have ever seen her. Taking care of Raine, Don, Stormy, and me! It exhausts her, but she keeps going.
She also is a way better writer than I am, so I leave postings and updates to her 😊
Help will still be needed but life needs to continue. Day by day move forward. Be positive. Smile. Walk Outside. Listen to some tunes. Spring is Springing!
Let’s do 10 Years………

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